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NCTN72ERWFWhen mouse cursor is pointed to some UI elements in the Notes client, a tool-tip will be shown. Sometimes, when the tool-tip is shown or cleared,...
TLEE73GC2AWith this fix, if the IME window is open, ESC will work as expected and not as a hotkey.
JLLU6ZXEVAFixed a Notes client crash.
ZHLI6WECZXMemory map files in /tmp directory will be deleted by the system periodically. A check will be performed to avoid a crash.
YZHG75D5DVFixed a problem where the an error was received when refreshing the preference dialog.
YZHG74CCL8Fixed the Mail/Internet preference pane display issue. The root cause is resource definition in desk\preferen.dlg.
ZQYN766BM2Caused by an incorrect call function ActivateWindow in SetActiveWindow. ActivateWindow will only activate the window while not deactivating the...
JLLU73NHUPFixed a problem where users could not use up and down key to change selection of combo box. This issue occured when user clicking a radio button in...
JLLU76K4TLFixed a problem where Notes will map the shortcuts in the current menu list. If the mapping
fails, do nothing. Java menus don't have the same...
DXJA726CC9Fixed a problem where users could not expand and collapse sections in a memo by right clicking. This issue occured when the user used mouse to right...
JLLU76CE9RWhen there is a pop window, trying to exit notes by click X widget is not allowed. This behavior is just the same as Windows...
KFLI7768KJIn 8.0, IsDialogChild can not get the correct top window of a dialog control. The fix is to use other way to get top window.
JLLU76GB2TFixed a problem where the focus control was set incorrectly.
KLSG765DMZFixed a crash when a user closed a tab in an R7 template mail database. This issue occurred when a user switched to a new location with a id using...
KLSG75TAUPFixed a Notes crash when a user pressed "Cmd+Ctrl+L" in standard mode.
KLSG76L5AFFixed a problem where the Notes top menu displayed incorrectly. This issue occured when a user opened a document in a new window and closed the...
KLSG76997AFixed a problem where pages in Perference Dialog were opened as a dialog out of preference dialog and could not be used.
KLSG769A8WIndirectly fixed a crash problem when a user opened the action top level menu.
JLLU76K9CMIndirectly fixed a hang problem when a user tried to replace the mail template from R7 to R8.
JTHN77EPSLFixed a problem where open lists do not refresh in time. This issue occurred after dragging a mail to Open list. The Open List dialog needs to be...
JLLU77G5R7Fixed a problem when the user opened a mail message in a new window, the caret postion always displays incorrectly.
JLLU77HE3AIndirectly fixed a problem where the Notes top level menu displayed incorrectly after opening embedded web browser.
KFLI76HGGFPrior to this fix, users could not use Drag and Drop from Finder to Notes RTF fields.


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